Don't vaccinate? You're betraying your country

I DON'T have sympathy for families losing their tax benefits because they choose not to vaccinate their child.

I don't have sympathy for families, even though many are my friends, who can't send their kids to daycare because they don't vaccinate their child.

And I also think more needs to be done to stop the growing number of people believing vaccinations are a dangerous ploy by the pharmaceuticals to make money at the expense of our children.

For me, choosing not to vaccinate because you don't trust the best advice of the health professionals and government agencies is tantamount to treason.

Treason is defined as "the crime of betraying one's country".

This is exactly what those who choose to put the rest of us at risk are doing - betraying their country.

The success of vaccinations is dependent on a herd immunity. The argument "why do you care, if you vaccinate your child you don't have to worry if I don't vaccinate mine" doesn't wash.

If my child's immunity is low because of something out of their control, why should you be allowed to put them at risk?

I get annoyed with people who don't trust their doctors on vaccinations, but do on a sore throat.

Trust is trust. And you either trust someone or you don't.

If you choose not to vaccinate your child and put the rest of us at risk, why should we choose to help fund your income with family tax?

Should people who don't vaccinate their kids face criminal penalties?

This poll ended on 03 July 2017.

Current Results

Unless their child can't be vaccinated for a certified medical reason, then yes they should.


No - parents should be free to make their own choice.


The new No Jab, No Play laws are already tough enough


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