Dr Vega Vega case of beginning of new era for CQ Health

THE two senior clinicians involved in this case were on temporary contracts; they were not permanent employees.

The contracts of temporary staff do not allow for temporary suspension, therefore, the only course of action available to Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board was the termination of those contracts.

Our primary focus is on the safety of the patients who rely on us to take care of their health needs.

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service is committed to building itself as the benchmark in patient safety in Queensland.

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To do this the Hospital and Health Service is working with its team of professional and highly dedicated staff.

I agree with Dr Mercer that this case sets a precedent. I believe this is the beginning of a new era.

The board has made it very clear we will not shy away from tough decisions just because they are not popular.

We will not compromise on safety and patient care.

Charles Ware,

CQ Hospital and Health Board Chair.