DILEMNA: Stress from the fire loss of his family home was blamed by Travis Rock (right) for his drink driving offence.
DILEMNA: Stress from the fire loss of his family home was blamed by Travis Rock (right) for his drink driving offence.

Drink and drug drivers named and shamed

A RAAF military officer has put some of the blame for his drink driving offence on personal stress suffered after his family home was destroyed by fire.

When RAAF Sergeant Travis Raymond Rock, 40, from Flinders View, pleaded guilty to drink driving, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard that he'd already received some disciplinary action from the RAAF.

Rock pleaded guilty to drink driving in Flinders View on April 13.

His lawyer Mr Behlan tended letters from senior RAAF officers, saying he had personally known Rock, an avionics engineer, since they were at school together.

He said Rock had served against Daash groups in Iraq and Syria and sought for nil conviction be recorded because his military work took him overseas.

"His house burned down. Only for the intervention of neighbours the family would not be here today," he said, referring to the fire in Peak Crossing in January.

"He is an exemplary man who has served his country."

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said although is reading was not excessively high, one more drink would have put the alcohol reading at 0.10.

She noted he'd been disciplined by the RAAF.

Rock was convicted and fined $450, his licence disqualified two months.

Sarada Lila Gibbons, 19, from Chinderah, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court, to driving drug positive when on a Provisional licence at Peak Crossing on February 14.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said police intercepted a silver Daewoo sedan she was driving. And when tested her saliva proved positive to a drug.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told the driver that it did not matter if she felt okay to drive the offence was made out by having drugs detected in her system.

Gibbons made her own written defence submission.

She was fined $200 and licence disqualified three months. No conviction recorded.

Megan Jane Cosh, 35, from Coopers Plain, pleaded guilty to driving when unlicensed - repeat offender, in Bellbird Park on February 12; and driving when drug positive.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick told the court Cosh had been stopped by a patrol at 3.50pm when driving a Great Wall ute.

A licence check revealed she had been disqualified until January 31 but failed to then renew her licence. She tested positive to methylamphetamine but denied recent drug use.

"I need to get my life together, stop what I'm doing," Cosh told the court.

Magistrate, Virginia Sturgess said it was her third conviction for a drug driving offence, saying: "You simply can't afford Miss Cosh to keep committing offences."

Cosh was fined $800 and her licence disqualified seven months.

Orion Thomas Renaud Coyle, 41, from Silkstone, pleaded guilty to drink driving in Silkstone on June 3.

Licence disqualified four months and fined $350.

Robert Michael Johns, 42, from Pine Mountain, was fined $200 and licence disqualified one month when he pleaded guilty to drink driving at Riverview on March 8.

Aaron Paul Watson, 45, from Brassall, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Peak Crossing on June 19.

Lost his driver's licence for two months and fined $200.

Johnathon Crusoes Bower, 31, from Moogerah, pleaded guilty to drink driving when unlicensed at Fassifern Valley on March 3; and driving when unlicensed due to a previous high-speed offence.

Prosecutor Sergeant Trent Voigt said Bower was intercepted at 3.10pm and gave an alcohol reading of 0.047.

He should not have been driving as his licence was suspended between November 7, 2019 and May 6 for a high speed driving offence.

Defence lawyer Richard Zande said Bower (mistakenly) believed the suspension was lifted because of a letter he received.

He described the offence as not deliberate.

He said Bower was a former missionary in the Solomon Islands, been a caretaker/park manager and now employed as a forklift driver and the licence loss did not affect this.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella fined Bower $800 and disqualified his licence nine months.