Drug dealing taxi driver walks from court

A WARWICK taxi driver has walked from court after admitting to selling drugs to undercover cops.

Julie Margaret Donovan pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying dangerous drugs after she took two undercover police to drug dealer's homes.

The Warwick District Court heard two police officers using the names Kenneth Morgan and Ricky Williams took three trips in the 56-year-old's taxi in 2014 asking her to source marijuana and methylamphetamine for them.

The first trip, Donovan picked Morgan up from the RSL and asked what he was "chasing".

He told her he wanted marijuana, after which she made a phone call and took him to an address but the occupant was "out dry".

Donovan gave her number to Morgan, saying he could call if he wanted more.

On the second trip, Morgan and Williams were picked up from the Horse and Jockey, and told Donovan they were looking for "two points".

She told Morgan she could get him "two points" for $50, dropped him off and returned with .101g of methylamphetamine.

Donovan's defence barrister David Jones told Judge Deborah Richards the price quoted by her client was a reflection of her naivety in supplying drugs.

"The standard street price for a point is $50," he said. "She drastically underquoted."

Crown Prosecutor Sam Bain disagreed.

"She was obviously not so naive as to not know where the drug dealers were," he said. "It doesn't speak of someone who has such a level of naivety as was submitted."

On the third trip, Morgan told Donovan he was looking to score $500 worth of meth.

She told him she was uncomfortable obtaining that amount of meth and gave him the number of a supplier who eventually gave the undercover police officer 0.891g.

In sentencing, Judge Richards told Donovan she took into account she had not directly supplied the drugs and suffered financial burden through difficulties obtaining work after her arrest.

"You were willing and happy to put your passengers in contact with drug dealers you knew either through taxi driving or some other way."

Donovan was sentenced to 27 months jail, wholly suspended for the three offences. She will not be required to spend time behind bars.