Poet John Major performs for Duaringa State School students.
Poet John Major performs for Duaringa State School students. Contributed

Duaringa students learn to tell stories through poetry

STUDENTS of Duaringa State School were entertained and in awe when Australian bush poet John Major visited the school.

His passion and creativity was evident in all his poems and ballads that he presented to the students about the bush.

It was great to hear the students discuss the various elements that make a great poem and the importance to "show” don't "tell” when writing a poem or ballad.

This term we have been focussing on poetry and how we use our emotions and feelings to create a powerful and entertaining poem.

Poetry promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters emotional resilience. It can cross boundaries that little else can.

After a term of hard work and dedication to planning, designing, creating and editing, the students of Duaringa State School were ready to perform their individual poems and ballads to the Duaringa community.

Students from Prep to Year 6 created a powerpoint presentation with hand-drawn images to help them with their oral presentation.

Parents were left in awe and were very proud of the confidence shown and outstanding work that each student had presented on the day.

Young leaders

FOUR of Duaringa State School's current and potential school leaders were invited to the Mayoral Summit in Blackwater for an entertaining and insightful view of being a leader.

Graham Hyman, Youth Specialties Australia, entertained the crowd with his views on leadership and caring for each other.

Mayor Kerry Hayes also spoke to the students about leadership and we were fortunate to have Mayor Osamu Katsube and Mr Shin Sagawa, from our sister city in Japan, give a presentation about their city.

It was evident from all speakers on the day, that the most important characteristic to have as a leader, is kindness.

There is no better feeling than making people feel better about themselves and I believe our school leaders certainly have this trait in our school.

We were also spoilt with a fabulous lunch and treated with a divine dessert at the end of the day. Well done to the students who attended, you certainly represented Duaringa State School with distinguish and pride.

Road Safety Week

ROAD safety has been a focus recently at Duaringa State School. We have been discussing how students travel to and from school and identifying safe practices while travelling on the road.

It was great to hear every student talk about the dangers and risks when travelling to school and how we can protect ourselves from harm.

It is important that we discuss regularly with our children the dangers of travelling while on the roads, whether it's on a bike, walking or driving.

At the end of the week we were fortunate enough to have two special guests, Laurie Ryan (local ambulance officer) and Adrian (our local police officer), visit our school to discuss road safety.

Students also made a gold coin donation and wore free dress in recognition of road safety week.

Online Literacy Festival

AFTER a successful and entertaining day at Rockhampton's Literacy Festival, the students of Duaringa State School demanded to meet more great authors.

We were fortunate enough to be given an invitation to the online literacy festival that runs over three weeks.

We have already met famous authors such as Andy Griffith, Terry Denton, Jack Heath and Mick Elliot, all of who have inspired and given great advice to our young writers.

Our school has been lucky enough to listen, via video link, and have conversations with these authors to have our questions answered about becoming a creative writer and maybe one day, a brilliant author.

The discussions amongst the students and authors have been most pleasing and we cannot wait to meet more writers over the next couple of weeks.