ELECTION 2015: LNP's Millar declares victory in Gregory after a big swing to Labor

9.50pm: LNP candidate for Gregory, Lachlan Millar has claimed victory in the vast Central and Western Queensland electorate despite a 15.9% swing to Labor.

He had secured a 59% to 41% lead over Labor's Cheryl Thompson on preferences after 48% of the vote.

"It is with a large amount of humility that I acknowledge the result, the endorsement and the wishes of the voters in Gregory," he said.

Mr Millar further stated that now was not the time for celebration.

"Tomorrow we roll up our sleeves and get on with the business of representing the electorate of Gregory."

Mr Millar acknowledged that there were important messages from the campaign to heed and that his consultation and communication will continue right throughout the electorate.

Mr Millar also recognized the work put into the campaign by the LNP team in Gregory.

"My thanks to all the volunteers who helped to spread our positive plans and messages throughout the electorate, led very capably by the ever reliable and unflappable Mike Burns."

"I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to my wife Peta and daughters Lucy, Ellie and Poppy.

"Their patience, perseverance, support and understanding through this busy time has been selfless and invaluable." "I look forward to getting to work for you straight away.

"The issues that we have identified will be front and center in my focus as we move forward.''


8.20pm: The LNP's Lachlan Millar leads Labor's Cheryl Thompson 60.7% to 39.3% on a two-party preferred vote after 39% of the count in Gregory.  

8pm: The LNP's Jeff Seeney leads PUP's  John Bjelke-Petersen 57% to 43% on a two party preferred vote after 52% of the count in Callide. 

Mr Seeney had 44.5% of the primary vote over Mr Bjelke-Petersen's 27.1%.

7.20pm: The LNP's Lachlan Millar with 48.85% of the vote leads Labor's Cheryl Thompson (26%) after 10% of the vote count in the contest for Gregory.

UPDATE, 7pm: The LNP's Jeff Seeney holds a commanding lead over PUP's John Bjelke-Petersen after almost 30% of the vote count in the battle for Callide.

Mr Seeney held 44.3% of the votes over Mr Bjelke-Petersen (26.85%) and Labor's Graeme Martin (19.82%).



CENTRAL Queenslanders head to the polls today to vote for the next term of representatives for Callide and Gregory.

The Callide candidates are Independent candidate Duncan Scott, Independent candidate Michal Higginson, Current Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning and Member for Callide Jeff Seeney, Palmer United Party candidate John Bjelke-Petersen, Independent candidate Steven Ensby, Australian Labor Party candidate Graeme Martin and The Greens candidate Erich Schulz. Read more about who they are here: Meet the Callide candidates

The Gregory candidates are: Independent Bruce Currie, Palmer United Party M. Linton-Helliar, LNP Lachlan Millar, Katter Australian Party Ross Stockham, ALP Cheryl Thompson and Greens Norm Weston.

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