HOPE: Len Bunce's Easter display.
HOPE: Len Bunce's Easter display.

Emerald man hopes to light up Easter spirit

LEN Bunce has lived in Emerald for more than 30 years.

He usually sets up Christmas lights each year, but decided Easter also needed some brightening up this time around.

Mr Bunce finished his light display this week, viewable from the front of his house on the corner of Brief and Dundas Streets.

“It’s to brighten people’s spirits,” he said.

Easter to Mr Bunce means new beginnings. Likening the coronavirus situation with the Emerald floods, he considered hope essential in times of distress.

“The community all got together and rallied together,” he said about the floods. “This is another way of doing that.

“Without it, you don’t have anything, do you? You’ve got to believe there’s an end to it.

Mr Bunce said people should enjoy the season as much as possible under the circumstances.

“We’ll be doing what we should do. Staying at home and being here for our family.”

His daughter Claire Mallyon called her father “an inspiration and a wonderful role model”.