DEBUT: Teak will perform her new single on Friday night.
DEBUT: Teak will perform her new single on Friday night.

Emerald singer to debut new single

MUSIC runs in Teak Powell’s family.

She began playing guitar at 10 years old, and was performing gigs at 13.

And in 2015 her place was secured on The Voice, where she ended up landing in the top 12 performers.

“I’ve always sung and been involved in music,” she said, now 34.

“I got my foot in the industry and started writing and doing trips. I was thinking I’d just be writing songs but then I thought, ‘No, I’ve got to record these.’”

Tonight the country singer will perform her newest single, titled Eight Seconds, and other songs from her debut album at an Emerald motel.

“To me a good song is when you get an idea and it just sparks,” she said.

“This song in particular has got the pedal steel guitar and it’s a classic country love ballad.

“I grew up around country music festivals and rodeos so I think this song came from that country background. It really resembles me as a writer and an artist.”

Teak moved to Emerald in 2011 and regularly plays about town. She decided to “take some time to do the whole family thing”, but intends to keep up her musical appearances.

“I’m just going day to day at the moment to be honest. I’m enjoying teaching and I’m enjoying getting music out there.”

She invited all to her Friday night performance for tapas and cocktails.

“I hope it fills your heart and moves you because after all that is what music is supposed to do,” she said.

Teak is playing at 7.30 tonight at the Western Gateway Motel in Emerald. Entry is free.

Sample her single here.