GIVEAWAY: Minewarehouse's Jason Johnston and toolbox winner Will Davidson.
GIVEAWAY: Minewarehouse's Jason Johnston and toolbox winner Will Davidson.

Encouraging business through social media

A LUCKY cattle farmer has won a small upgrade to his workshop thanks to an online competition designed to engage online shoppers in the Central Highlands.

Will Davidson from Middlemount was the recipient of Emerald Minewarehouse’s $900 Sidchrome toolbox.

Mr Davidson said the prize was a serendipitous leg-up in tough times.

“I was surprised because I only entered the competition the night before,” he said.

“It’s a big help. It’ll go straight into the workshop.”

Jason Johnston from Minewarehouse explained that the social media giveaway reflected current consumer habits, to which businesses should adapt to better serve their customers.

“We’re all starting to look online and shop online for things,” he said.

“For us, the online aspect of the business is about being local. It’s a way of being engaging across the Central Highlands, and especially Emerald, which is its hub.

The competition functioned as a raffle, requiring 3,000 people to ‘like’ a post on Facebook. That number was reached within 12 hours, and a winner from chosen from the participants.

“It’s a boost to community morale, with the way the weather’s going,” Mr Johnston said.

“From a farmer’s perspective, there’s no water allocation and some haven’t been cropping for several years.

I think the benefit in giving something away like this is to show people that we’re not just here to rip them off. We’re trying to give something back.”

Mr Johnston said he intends to run more competitions in the future.

“It’s to have and show an interest in the community, not just ourselves.

“It goes both ways — it’s the ‘hand that feeds you’ scenario.

“At the end of the day, if we look after the local industries, they’ll look after us.”