Soon-to-be parents Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman.
Soon-to-be parents Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman.

'Every week a bonus' for Lismore couple

UPDATE 4.45pm:

AS THEY wait in uncertainty for the arrival of their premature baby girl, every week is a blessing for Lismore couple Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman.  

The engaged couple have called for community help after the sudden news their baby, at only 23 weeks gestation, is due any minute.  

On Tuesday, Ms Barnes, 26, was admitted to emergency accommodation at the Brisbane Reg Leonard House after the Brisbane Mater Hospital, having suffered a ruptured membrane.   

Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman's are expecting a baby girl any moment.
Rachel Barnes and Neon Mossman are expecting a baby girl.

Slowly losing amniotic fluid, doctors don't know when Ms Barnes may go into an early labour, and a cesearean delivery has been scheduled for the retail manager at 32 weeks if the complications persist.

"We planned to have this baby last year and I happened to fall pregnant straight away, which was a blessing, because I have endometriosis and I wasn't sure if I'd ever have a child," Ms Barnes said.  

"We just knew something was wrong and went to Lismore Base Hospital and for a check-up and all this came crashing down.  

"The doctors said my waters are leaking, so she can come any day, or she can come in a matter of weeks."

Rachel Barnes of Lismore shortly before her pregnancy.
Rachel Barnes of Lismore shortly before her pregnancy.

Ms Barnes said she's staying positive but the couple is struggling with the costs associated with her loss of work and travel to the hospital for her partner.  

The couple have reluctantly launched a Go Fund Me page asking for help.  

"I never imagined anything like this would ever happen to my partner and I," Ms Barnes said.  

"Our goal is to have a natural labour, and our goal is to make it to 26 weeks, because every week is just a bonus; every week our baby develops so much.   

"We're just doing little baby steps and fingers crossed she holds off a bit longer.  

"I'm trying to be strong and positive for our girl so she doesn't come out stressed."  

Mr Mossman, 25, a salesman at Better Home Living, said the couple are navigating financial claims through different government agencies to help cover bills and relying a supportive circle of friends and family.  

"This is all new to me, I've done some research and from what I've read so far, it's going to be a long and tough road and we're going to take one day at a time," Mr Mossman said.  

"I'm scared we're going to lose our rental home, and we've only recently signed a lease and we absolutely love the place where we're living and have our nursery all set up and ready to go.  

"'I feel like it's all out of my hands, and I can't really help at all I can really do is to be there for her and the baby."  


A LISMORE couple have found themselves in a position no new parent ever wants to be in - But you have a chance to help them get through this tough time.

Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman are expecting a baby girl, but a serious health complication has cast a dark shadow over what should be an exciting, happy time.

"Unfortunately at 23 weeks pregnant my membrane ruptured which means my baby girl will arrive early unfortunately and be very ill," Ms Barnes said.


Rachel Barnes at 22 weeks pregnant.
Rachel Barnes at 22 weeks pregnant.

This is called a 'premature preterm rupture of membranes', and can lead to serious health consequences for both baby and mother.

Because of this, Ms Barnes is now staying at the Reg Leonard House accommodation in Brisbane until the baby girl arrives, leaving the soon-to-be mother far away from her family and friends in Lismore.

"Due to this happening I can no longer work my job which I worked full time to pay my rent and bills, which has completely turned my life upside down financially and emotionally for my partner and I," she said.


The pair have set up a Go Fund Me account to help make sure they don't lose their rental home or fall behind in bills both normal and medical.

"I just want my partner to be here with me when our baby girl arrives," Ms Barnes said.

You can help Ms Barnes and Mr Mossman by donating on their Go Fund Me page.

Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman when they found out they were expecting a baby girl.
Rachel Barnes and Reon Mossman when they found out they were expecting a baby girl.