Explicit photos shared on community Facebook page

ONE of the darkest sides to technology is that anything can be made public.

It was a fact brought home on Sunday afternoon when explicit images of a young woman were released onto the Mackay classifieds Facebook page, without her consent.

The group has more than 8500 members and the images stayed up for at least 20 minutes, until it was brought to the attention of a site administrator who pulled them down.

Mackay Police senior sergeant Jeremy Novosel said the incident was being investigated, but nobody had yet been charged.

"Posting of this nature with no consent can be an offence," Sen Sgt Novosel said. "The maximum sentence can be more than two years, depending on the nature of the offence.

"In relation to this incident, we had a number of calls of concern and we are currently investigating a complaint. No one has been charged yet."

Sen Sgt Novosel said when people agreed to be in any photo, they should keep in mind images could easily be made public through social media.

"People may not know how to create a website but most people know how to post on Facebook," he said.

"People can immediately publicize these images at least for a short time."

The offence is called 'distributing prohibited visual recordings' and Sen Sgt Novosel said the main issue was consent.

"If anyone else in the public feels they might have been involved in an offence, they should contact the police for advice," he said.

An administrator for the Facebook page said the photos were taken down as soon as possible, and the person who posted them had been banned. "I also want to make clear this is not the fault of the girl in the photos," he said.