REMEMBERED: Rodney and Mary Burrows were lost when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.
REMEMBERED: Rodney and Mary Burrows were lost when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared. Qld Police

One year on, MH370 family desperate for answers

IRENE Burrows is still holding out hope for answers from the icy depths of the southern Indian Ocean.

The 85-year-old knows she will never see her son Rodney and daughter-in-law Mary again, and she has no wish for their bodies to be removed from their watery ocean grave.

However, she is desperate for searchers to find the remnants of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 so her questions about their fate can be answered.

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It is an important dream to cling to as the Burrows' family wraps up a terrible year of firsts, which included birthdays and Christmas without their loved ones.

Unable to hold back her tears, Mrs Burrows said she most dreaded the next 'first' most - the 12-month anniversary on Sunday of the Boeing 777's disappearance.

"I think the first for everything is always hard," she told APN Newsdesk from the home she shares with her husband George in Biloela.

"We've had Rodney's first birthday, we've had Mary's first birthday without them around.

"We've had a first Christmas and now it's the first anniversary of when the plane went down.

"We miss them dreadfully."

Flight MH370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, left the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12.41am on March 8.

The Beijing-bound plane disappeared from radar, 38 minutes into the flight, while over the South China Sea.

Rodney and Mary Burrows set off on their holiday just five days earlier on March 3.

Excited about their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Malaysia and China, with close friends Bob and Cathy Lawton, the only thing concerning the Brisbane couple was the impending birth of their grandson.

George and Irene Burrows spent the past week in Brisbane with family, the trip proving emotional and exhausting for the elderly couple as they marked the day Rodney and Mary left the country.

"(It) was hard in Brisbane because Rodney and Mary flew out on the third of March and that was the last time any of the family saw them," Mrs Burrows said.

"We spoke to them just before they'd left. They were quite thrilled to be going.

"Mary had a few reservations because their eldest daughter was expecting a baby within the month and she was terrified the baby would be born before she got back.

"So she had little reservations about the timing being bad."