Farmer says he was calm as he shot environment officer

ON July 29 in 2014 two officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage were taking photos of Colorado - a wheat farm north of Moree owned by 81 year-old Ian Turnbull. 

They were there to document land clearing which authorities claim had taken place in contravention of New South Wales' Native Vegetation Act.

Today Turnbull stands charged with murder after he allegedly drove to the fence where the government workers were standing and opened fire with a rifle - shooting Department of Environment and Heritage Protection compliance officer, Glen Turner  multiple times in the neck, chin, chest and back.

"Once I fired the first shot calmness came over me like I couldn't believe and it remained until I finished," Newscorp reports the 81 year-old as telling the NSW Supreme Court today. 

"I felt like, I thought I killed him, I didn't want to kill him, I don't know why I thought a bullet would not kill him but that is the way it was."

Turnbull has plead guilty to manslaughter however the prosecution are continuing to push a murder charge.