LETTER: Fast crews needed to clear highway crash sites

IT IS time to change our attitude to the whole process that occurs after a road crash.

Yes, the site needs to be contained and photographed, but it's time to bring in the need for urgency to clear a pathway through.

The needs and complete waste of time and revenue that has to be endured by hundreds of motorists should be prioritised.

So many people are forced to miss their flights and appointments. Pit crews at race tracks are trained to deliver quickly.

Surely, similar crews should be trained to work as fast as possible.

Photos should be taken quickly, then a clean up crew should be mobilised.

The removal of roadside posts could be considered for passage past the crash - a cheap compromise.

Surely someone can invent a portable "road" that could be cantilevered adjacent to the site for car movement.

Or an alternative is an extendible cantilevered "bridge" to be assembled to allow access in the opposite direction.

And if helicopters are available for politicians to get to appointments, then they should be available for emergency crash events too.


Mountain Creek