Father and son drug trafficking duo jailed

A FINCH Hatton former teacher and his adult son have been sent to jail for trafficking marijuana in the Mackay region after they picked up bags of weed that had been couriered to the area, possibly by plane.

Brisbane District Court heard the men were given bags filled with marijuana from a supplier on six occasions between January and March last year.

The bags varied in weight from 8-13.6kg and the court heard the drugs possibly came from the Gold Coast or Melbourne and were transported to Mackay via plane.

The Mackay son, 33-year-old Eli Sim, was considered the primary offender and the court heard he stashed some of his cash at his father's house in Finch Hatton.

At John Francis Sim's house police found about $35,000 cash in a fake book safe and about $38,000 in his car.

While searching the father's house officers found a vaporiser that John Sim, 64, used to inhale marijuana instead of smoking it, the court heard last week.

The court also heard John Sim was an active church member and helped set up a soup kitchen for homeless people in Townsville that still operates.

Judge Brian Devereaux said it wasn't known how the Sims distributed the drug in the Mackay area and it also was not clear how much money they made from their crimes.

"It was a very, very substantial business even though conducted over a short period of time," he said.

Both men pleaded guilty to various drug charges, including trafficking.

Eli Sim was sentenced to five years jail, suspended after he serves a year and eight months.

John Sim was sentenced to three years jail, suspended after he serves a year and three months. - APN NEWSDESK