Paul Nugent, whose father died of a heart attack, weighed more than 165kg at his heaviest.
Paul Nugent, whose father died of a heart attack, weighed more than 165kg at his heaviest. Contributed

Father of four's unbelievable weight loss transformation

AFTER three decades of being overweight, Forest Lake father of four Paul Nugent knew something finally had to change in his life.

At his heaviest, The 52-year-old weighed 165.3kg and constantly feared his life would be cut short due to his weight, leaving his four beloved sons to grow up without a father.

"Friends and family had voiced concerns over my weight and the medical problems associated with it, but I would just laugh them off thinking I was invincible," Mr Nugent said.


Paul's 73kg weight loss earned him the title of the Cambridge Diet's Slimmer of the Year and means he will get to head over to Paris - his first trip overseas.
AMAZING TRANSFORMATION: Forest Lake local Paul Nugent has lost an impressive 72kg in less than a year. Smile for Peter photography

"When it became difficult to even walk to the letterbox without becoming out of breath, I knew I had a problem and had to do something about it.

"I became scared about missing out on seeing my boys grow up and have children of their own."

The reality of an early death played on his mind, especially when he had family members who had passed away at a young age.

"My own father had suffered a stroke in his early 60s and I had nursed him for three years before he passed away," he said.

"I knew I had to change or I would go down the same road as him.

"My brother-in-law had also suffered from from similar conditions and he ended up on dialysis followed by a stroke. He died at the young age of 58.

Mr Nugent was sadly headed down the same path as he was heavily dependent on medication to get through every day.

"I was an insulin dependent type two diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis," he said.

"I even had to give up long haul truck driving as I didn't pass my medical due to the sleep apnoea."

But everything changed for him when he noticed a colleague of his had begun to slim down, and enquired how he was doing it.

"I started noticing this other driver who was literally shrinking before my eyes. I actually thought he must be terminally ill as I had never known anyone to drop weight like he was," he said.

"Eventually, I got up the courage to ask him if he was ok. He told me he had never felt better. He had managed to lose over 60kg with Cambridge Weight Plan and his consultant Tamara.

"It was then that I thought maybe there was a chance for me too and that's when I felt the first glimmer of hope."

Mr Nugent began eating right on the plan and has lost a staggering and impressive amount of weight.

"In under a year I have managed to lose 72kg and my medical conditions are now a thing of the past," he said.

"Even my doctor can't believe the change and does a double take every time I was into his surgery.

"I haven't felt this good in over 30 years and and tying my shoelaces is now a breeze.

"As for being out of breath going to the letter box - I am now regularly walking 8-14km around our local lake and I love being able to get out and play footy with my two younger boys.

"Plus, I now have my job back as a truck driver."

He owes his new life all to the Cambridge Weight Plan and his consultant Tamara.

"I can't explain how much my consultant Tamara has helped me. Without her I wouldn't be where I am today," he said.

"She was my biggest support - my best friend, my sister, my daughter, my mother. The best way I can really describe her is to call her my guardian angel.

"She went above and beyond in everything she did and I thank my lucky stars the day I met her."

All of his hard work was recognised when he recently won the title of Australian Slimmer of the Year competition for Cambridge Weight Plan in Melbourne. This is an annual event that recognises the success of the slimmers throughout the award season.

Both Mr Nugent and his consultant will now be heading to the UK and Paris in November where he will be competiting in the Cambridge Weight Plan International Slimmer of the Year competition where he will compete against other winners from more than 30 countries.