FITNESS FIRST: Participants in the Healthy Active Highlanders program after a training session.
FITNESS FIRST: Participants in the Healthy Active Highlanders program after a training session. Contributed

First step to health

SPRINGSURE local and 27-year-old teacher Candice Ball has always had an active lifestyle, but it wasn't until the Healthy Active Highlanders program that she took on a daily exercise routine.

"I go to yoga on a Monday, boot camp on Tuesday and boxing on Thursday,” she said.

"I try to get to as many classes as I can.”

While Ms Ball likes to keep active, she finds it easy to get stuck in the classroom working all afternoon.

She said it took her a while to get used to the style of the yoga class but being consistent was the key to success.

"If I don't do some kind of exercise, I can get quite stressed,” she said.

"Especially with yoga, I make myself leave work early and make sure I go for my mental health.”

Ms Ball said the program was inclusive and she enjoyed working out with different age groups and fitness levels.

When the program is completed she's planning to continue exercising every afternoon.

"I'm happier and just more focused and I feel better about myself and I'll try and keep it up.”

There are six weeks left to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle and try out fitness for free through Central Highlands Regional Council's Healthy Active Highlanders program.

As of this week, 270 Central Highlanders have got the taste of fitness at one of 150 sessions held over the first six weeks of the program.

All these participants took the first step to get out and get active.

Fitness trainers have begun to see regular participants reach goals on their new fitness journeys.

Jess Poor said she enjoyed connecting to the community and seeing regular participants challenge themselves a little more each time.

Patty Marshall said she enjoyed being able to motivate people and change misconceptions about exercise and needing to be a particular type before being able to start training.

From kid's yoga to boot camp style workouts, there's something for everybody and it's free.

For those interested, it isn't too late to get involved in the Healthy Active Highlanders Program.

Find out more about the program and classes at and attend one in your town.