Fitbit Versa is a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch.
Fitbit Versa is a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch.

Meet the $299 Apple Watch killer

AT FIRST glance you might be fooled into thinking this product is an Apple Watch, but it's actually a much cheaper alternative.

But if you're thinking this is a cheap rip-off, you couldn't be further from the truth as it's actually the latest activity tracker and health smartwatch from Fitbit, known as the Versa.


After copping heat for the bulky size of its first smartwatch activity tracker, Fitbit has returned with a fresh design that could easily be worn by both men and women.

The Versa uses the same square watch face as Apple, with curves around the edges to offer a softer appearance.

While it's only available in a single size, the default case and silicone strap has three different combinations including a black aluminium case and strap, a rose gold case with a peach strap, and a silver case with grey strap - you can also purchase other bands for an additional cost.

The 1.34-inch touchscreen is bright and clear, and has a resolution of 300 by 300 pixels.

Fitbit gives the option to select from a myriad customisable clock faces to meet your own personal tastes, but sadly you will not get the edge-to-edge display of the Apple Watch with the Versa containing a small amount of bezel.

The product has three fully customisable buttons on the watch - one on the left and two on the right. By default the left will bring up music controls, while the right hand buttons are for toggling the exercise app and controlling the alarm.

Fitbit has returned with a fresh design that could easily be worn by both men and women.
Fitbit has returned with a fresh design that could easily be worn by both men and women.


The Versa is capable of doing more than just tracking your typical fitness metrics, with the product able to field texts, calls, and app notifications, while also giving you access to its own specialised app library for added functionality.

Everything is powered by the Fitbit's impressive array of sensors, which include a three-axis accelerometer to measure acceleration forces, a gyroscope for orientation and angular velocity, an altimeter for determining altitude attained, an ambient light sensor to control display brightness and an optical heart rate monitor.

Impressively the product even includes a SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) sensor, which delivers an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood.

The watch also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can expect to get around four days battery life out of the product, with it charging from empty to full in around two hours.

Unfortunately, you will need to use Fitbit's bulky proprietary charger, which means you will need to carry it around with you or buy a second one if you want to the option to charge at work and home.

Both Apple and Google smart watches have a wider selection of third-party apps, although Fitbit isn't far behind with 550 apps and clock faces located in its App Gallery.

The Versa also supports female health tracking, with a widget offering information around periods, as well as how many days until their next fertile window.

The Fitbit Versa can help with your sleeping patterns.
The Fitbit Versa can help with your sleeping patterns.


If you're buying a Fitbit, chances are you're not using just for its ability to tell you the time.

The Versa obviously measures you daily steps, but it can also record over 15 different exercise modes including cycling, interval training and weight sessions.

And given it's waterproof up to 50 metres, you can also record swimming.

If you need extra motivation, you can set personalised reminders to ensure you to stay active and hydrated or stick to a sleep schedule - the Fitbit also provides information on how you sleep.

There is also the option to use the Fitbit Coach app, which provides you with video tutorials available to guide you through a series of essential workouts.

It's worth noting the coach will only offer a few free sample workouts, with users wanting more personalised workouts having to pay for the service.

For those looking for moments of calm throughout the day, the Versa also offers personalised breathing sessions based on your heart rate.


With a fresh new design and the inclusion of female health tracking, the Versa an amazing product for men and women looking to monitor their fitness goals.

The product is cheaper than the $459 Apple Watch and offers more than enough functionality to rival its more expensive competitor.

At just $299.95, this product is an absolute steal.

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