FAST, FIT AND STRONG: Dave Meyers, Pete Darlison and Jason Lavis.
FAST, FIT AND STRONG: Dave Meyers, Pete Darlison and Jason Lavis.

Flaunting fitness at all ages

MEDALS draped Emerald necks and Queensland’s muscles bulged to run, lift, and flex to win second place at a national CrossFit competition for those older than 35 years.

Dave Meyers, Peter Darlison, and Jason Lavis and qualified to represent the state at the annual Masters League Games last month, and won the state a silver medal.

Crossfit involves a mix of cardiovascular fitness, weightlifting, and gymnastics. Participants accumulate points as they complete several different workouts.

Competing for the third time since starting his training five years ago, Dave achieved third place in his category and made the world’s top one hundred out of 4,600 competitors in his age group.

He said he was initially attracted by the variety the sport provides.

“You’re always doing something different, since it’s across a range of different sporting fields,” Dave said.

“It’s always good fun, doing things with like-minded people.”

Peter, also qualifying for the Australian team, successfully defended his title of number one in his category.

Jason, having just met the age requirement for the event, placed 7th.

Now in its fifth year, the Masters League Games brought 400 competitors from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia to Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium sports arena.

Participants completed six gruelling workouts in the rain and wind on the weekend of September 21 to be crowned Australia’s fittest.

There are two qualifying rounds before the Masters League tournament in Melbourne, which describes itself as a community-focused challenge “for athletes in their prime”.

The oldest competitor was said to be 75 years old.

Dave said CrossFit is gaining momentum and isn’t only a sport for the young.

“The sport’s gained huge popularity worldwide, and it’s only getting stronger and stronger,” he said.

“It’s a very positive and supportive environment, and everyone gets excited to just give it a crack.”

“I want to try to get better every year.”