Revealing report shows what kind of porn people love most. Picture: Shuttlestock
Revealing report shows what kind of porn people love most. Picture: Shuttlestock

The most popular porn searches of 2017

2017 was a big year for Rick And Morty-themed porn, apparently.

That's according to Pornhub's 2017 Year In Review, which has revealed a staggering amount of data on the world's porn habits.

Last year, more people voted on Pornhub videos than in the US Presidential election - which is unsurprising considering the site attracted 28.5 billion visits overall, or 81 million per day.

The top trending porn searches of 2017 were Porn for Women (an increase of more than 1400 per cent), Rick And Morty, Fidget Spinners, 1080p, ASMR, Hentai and Cheerleader.

The Cuckold category had the biggest increase in views, up 72 per cent from 2016.

A whopping 3732 petabytes of data was streamed - enough to fill every last iPhone on earth.

And the most popular female porn stars were Riley Reid, "The Hijab Pornstar" Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann, while Jordi El Nino Polla, Mandingo and Johnny Sins were the most popular blokes.

Australia turned out to be one of the randiest nations per capita, coming in as the eighth-biggest porn consumer, despite having a relatively small population. We followed the US, UK, India, Japan, Canada, France and Germany.

The average visit lasted 9 minutes 59 seconds, (9 minutes 51 seconds for Aussies) and most porn was viewed between 10pm and midnight on Sundays.

It seems we Aussies have incorporated our love of the great outdoors into our porn habits, with the Outdoor category being 24 per cent more popular in Australia than in other nations.

Snapchat searches increased 125 per cent and Threesome was up by one point while Massage lost two spots.

Pornhub’s 2017 Year in Review for Australia. Picture: Pornhub
Pornhub’s 2017 Year in Review for Australia. Picture: Pornhub

The 10 most-viewed categories were Lesbian, MILF, Ebony, Hentai, Japanese, Anal, Big Tits, Threesome and Big Dick.

The average Pornhub visitor in 2017 was 35 years old, while over-55s made up 11 per cent of visitors.

The most searched-for celebrities on the site were Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez while Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman were the most popular characters.

Pornhub Sexual Wellness Centre director and sex therapist Dr Laurie Betito said the data revealed women were now more empowered in all areas of life.

"2017 seems to have been the year where women have come forward to express their desires more openly," she said.

"From the #metoo movement to prominent females the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley on the world stage, women are feeling more empowered and they have found their voice. This is a sign of things to come."

The world’s most-viewed porn categories. Picture: Pornhub
The world’s most-viewed porn categories. Picture: Pornhub

She also explained the enduring popularity of the Lesbian category.

"Lesbians have been the number one fantasy of men since the beginning of time. For the men that aren't likely to ever have a threesome with lesbians, this is an ideal way for them to live out their fantasy," she said.

"We can't ignore women viewers though. For women that have a soft fantasy or curiosity, lesbian porn allows them to explore that part of their sexuality without risk. Of course, for bi or lesbian women, this category is an obvious choice."

Dr Betito said virtual reality porn allowed viewers to "indulge their fantasies in a risk-free and non-threatening manner".

Most viewers - 67 per cent, in fact - used their smartphones to watch porn in 2017, while just 11 per cent used Internet Explorer.