2020 Whitsunday election debate at the Northern Beaches Bowls Club in the Northern Beaches of Mackay. Picture: Rae Wilson
2020 Whitsunday election debate at the Northern Beaches Bowls Club in the Northern Beaches of Mackay. Picture: Rae Wilson

Full list: Political donations our candidates have received

WITH the Queensland election debate heating up, focus has shifted to political donations after LNP leader Deb Frecklington was forced to defend her attendance at political fundraisers and events attended by property developers.

Queensland's corruption watchdog has issued an extraordinary warning to every candidate that it is watching them amid a "blurring" of the lines between government and those who seek to influence it.

Crime and Corruption Commission chair Alan MacSporran has revealed the watchdog is actively monitoring political donations and closely watching the activities and associations of consultants, influencers and lobbyists in this "high-risk period".

Mr MacSporran warned the lead-up to an election could be a high-risk period for elected officials and candidates.

Electoral Commission Queensland states candidates, registered political parties, associated entities, groups and individuals may be required to disclose details on loans, donations and gifts given and/or received.


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Here is a complete list of how many donations have been disclosed for Mackay, Whitsunday, Mirani and Burdekin candidates to the ECQ:



Jason Costigan (NQ First) - 0

Amanda Camm (LNP) - $2000 donated by Queensland Hotels Association Union of Employers on October 9, 2020. This donation has been declared but hasn't been reconciled. It is understood the donation was not made to Ms Camm's campaign.

Ciaron Paterson (KAP) - 0

Deb Lawson (ONP) - 0

Paul Hilder (LCQ) - 0

Greg Armstrong (UAP) - 0

Emma Barrett (Greens) - 0



Julieanne Gilbert (ALP) - 0

Chris Bonanno (LNP) 0

Christine Keys (ONP) - 0

Shaun Krstic (LCQ) - 0

Imogen Lindenberg (Greens) - 0

Julie Saunders (IMOP) 0



Stephen Andrew (ONP) - $4160 from Shooters Union Queensland ($3500 donated on October 9, 2020 and $660 on September 25, 2020)

Mr Andrew said he was a long-time supporter of the Shooters Union, which donated on behalf of club members.

"I will take support from them, it would be a throwback in their face if I didn't," he said. These donations have been declared but not reconciled.

Jason Borg (NQ First) - 0

Tracie Newitt (LNP) - 0

Ben Watkins (Greens) - 0

Tepepe Borg (UAP) - 0

Nick Byram (Civil Liberties and Motorists party) - 0



Dale Last (LNP) - 0

Carolyn Moriarty (NQ First) - 0

Mike Brunker (ALP) - 0

Dominique Thiriet (AJP) - 0

Jack Smith (Greens) - 0

Clive Remmer (ONP) - 0

Sax Cox (KAP) - $21,850 ($18,350 from Pauline Cox and $3500 from Pioneer Cane Growers Organisation) - All donations were made in 2017.

Benjamin Wood (UAP) - 0

Additional reporting from Domanii Cameron and Jessica Marszalek



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