A couple on the beach.
A couple on the beach. Mike Knott

First dates? Well they're not really fun, are they ...

WHAT do you wear? What will you order? What if she's a vegan and you're hankering for a steak the size of a small country?

First dates - nerve-wracking, stressful, and fun?

Unfortunately not.

New data helpfully compiled by online dating website RSVP suggests that two of every five Australians would not describe a first date as fun.

In what could prompt a "Thank you, Captain Obvious", the site's data boffins reckon 40% of single men and 45% of single women may be too worried to properly enjoy themselves.

The top fear for those on the dating scene was that conversation would be stilted and awkward silence would follow.

Worrying about whether they like us is second and how they look is third.

RSVP's Jayne Andrews said Aussie singles needed to stop stressing themselves out.

"It's really important not to put too much pressure on yourself in the lead-up to first dates but rather set your expectations realistically," she said.

Ms Andrews said while they may not be your Prince Charming and Princess Sexbomb, that was no reason not to enjoy meeting someone new.

"First dates are meant to be fun - they are about testing the chemistry and seeing if there is a spark," Ms Andrews said.

"Not every first date is going to lead to the love of your life."

This latest data comes fresh from RSVP's annual Date of the Nation Report.

Earlier this year, data from the same report dutifully told us date number three was the most popular for sex.