OPEN DAYS: Rosegum Alpacas' owner Michelle Hamilton with one of her furry friends.
OPEN DAYS: Rosegum Alpacas' owner Michelle Hamilton with one of her furry friends. Contributed

Furry fun for the school holidays

ALPACA your hats and sunscreen and head to Rosegum Alpacas' open days this weekend.

The open days will run today (July 12) and tomorrow from 9am-4pm, in what promises to a great day of fun for the whole family.

Rosegum Alpacas' owner Michelle Hamilton started running open days about eight years ago.

"I'm part of the Alpaca Association of Australia and once a year they have what's called Australian Alpaca Week,” Ms Hamilton said.

"They encourage people... to open their farms to the general public to let people see how and what we do and the like.”

Attendance at the open days has grown significantly since the first event.

"The crowd definitely speaks volumes with how popular they (open days) are,” Ms Hamilton said.

"As I said, in the beginning we had about 20 people, I guess, come for the weekend and I was really excited that that many people came.

"The one that we had back in May (2019), we averaged about 250 people a day.”

With so many activities on offer at the open days, Ms Hamilton said people should put aside "quite a few hours” to attend.

"Of course, there's the travel but we've got a craft corner where we have different crafts for kids that they can do,” she said.

"We've got a massive big table that they can draw over, there's felted soaps, there's a little weaving section as well which is a new thing that we've just added.

"And then we've got a sausage sizzle on, we have free tea and coffee for people.

"There's loads of different places for people to sit, they can feed the alpacas, there's information, there's a big shop with all my end products there as well for people to see.

"It's a proper paddock to product experience.”

Ms Hamilton said at her last open days in May, some people even had birthday parties for their kids.

"They had a little area that they set up and they had all the families come out and they had their little birthday party. We actually had two of them do that last time. It was really nice and the kids loved it.”