LEGEND: Jimbo Bazoobi with Gary the Goat earlier in 2017.
LEGEND: Jimbo Bazoobi with Gary the Goat earlier in 2017. Andrew Backhouse

Gary the Goat is dead - but we're not done with him yet

Please note: Strong course language is present in the video. 

GARY the Goat is a household name, with more than 1.7 million followers on Facebook.

The cheeky Aussie goat quickly rose to fame through his stand-up shows at country pubs worldwide.

FULL STORY: How this Gympie taxidermist will immortalize Gary the Goat. 

Sadly last year, the internet sensation had to be euthanized after suffering an acute heart tumour.

Owner Jim Dezarnaulds aka Jimbo Bazoobi decided to get Gary the Goat taxidermied by Amamoor's Down Under Taxidermy and Hunting.

He decided the Down Under taxidermist because "you can't get more Aussie than that."

"Gary the Goat died in Gatton so I decided to google nearby taxidermists and came across the one in Amamoor," he said.

Jimbo said Gary the Goat had a personality. 

"He was a goat that literally didn't give a f--k," he said.

"I want him taxidermied shagging another goat with the plaque underneath saying "the only f--k Gary ever gave."

The procedure is set to cost Jimbo $15,000 and could take up to a month to complete, with a fundraiser scheduled.

Jimbo is also hoping to raise $50,000 for a bronze statue and $100,000 for the movie.

To access the kick-starter campaign go to https://kck.st/2NKOdqt.