FIELD DAYS: Large crowds are expected for AgGrow 2018 with something on offer for the whole family.
FIELD DAYS: Large crowds are expected for AgGrow 2018 with something on offer for the whole family. Meghan Kidd

Gearing up for AgGrow

LOCALS are gearing up to help make this year's AgGrow Emerald Field Days the best one yet.

Manager of Budget Steel Emerald Melita Corbin said AgGrow was like a mini Beef but with a stronger focus on agriculture rather than cattle, "that's the way I see it”.

"AgGrow provides a great opportunity for farmers to be able to look at everything in the one location rather than having to drive around town to 10 different businesses,” she said.

"They've got everything there - machinery, cotton harvesters, tractors, cattle equipment and even clothing for the ladies and children.

"Everything they need is right there in the one place.”

She said she would love to see AgGrow continue in the future, especially considering the boost it gave to Emerald's economy.

"When people come to town they stay in accommodation and everyone goes out for dinner and drinks,” she said.

"All these people are injecting money into the town and it's what we need.”

Budget Steel Emerald is one of AgGrow's major sponsors and this will be Ms Corbin's ninth year attending the event.

"All our cattle equipment will be set up on the site for farmers to test and see the way it all works,” she said.

Emerald Christian College principal Graeme Johnston said this would be his sixth year at AgGrow and he was excited to check out new technology and robotics available to help assist farmers and save labour.

"Every year there is always new technology for farmers to look at,” he said.

"Farming, agriculture and cattle raising is no longer a dusty thing you do on horseback, it involves quite a bit of computer skills.

"There are all sorts of things farmers do nowadays that they never used to. They are also far more technologically advanced than they used to be.

"By attending AgGrow, farmers are able to find out what people are up to in the industry and how to keep up with current trends.”

He said Emerald Christian College would be promoting their school to clientele as well as providing a literacy and numeracy test for children.

"We will be providing a literacy and numeracy test where you can sit your kid down for 20 minutes and walk away with a broad indication on where your child's literacy and numeracy skills are at,” he said.