Cory Grittner pleaded guilty to drug driving and refusing to do a drug test.
Cory Grittner pleaded guilty to drug driving and refusing to do a drug test.

Gladstone man refused to take drug test

WHEN Cory Robert James Grittner was pulled over by police he became frustrated that he was stopped but the car before him wasn’t.

He was stopped on April 19 on Capentaria Close, Clinton, and began swearing and shouting at police at their choice of intercept.

He was required to do a road side breath test which he complied with but drew the line at taking a salvia drug test.

Grittner told police because he had been stopped for a licence check and breath test which he complied with he wasn’t required to give a specimen of salvia.

He stated he wasn’t going to provide even with further opportunities he still refused.

Grittner was placed under arrest and told to place his hands behind his back and turn against the wall which he refused to comply with.

He was handcuffed and taken to the police station where a drug test showed the presence of marijuana.

Grittner, 26, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to drug driving, failing to provide salvia for test and obstructing police.

Defence lawyer Bianca Wierland said Grittner failed to provide because he knew he would test positive.

She said he was in a poor state of mind at the time due to his mother falling sick and was remorseful for his actions.

Grittner was sentenced to 12 months probation and disqualified from driving for three months.

A conviction was recorded.

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