Remco Jansen

Gluten intolerance is fake, study says

IF A person claims they are gluten intolerant, unless they have Celiac Disease, then they are probably wrong, a new study has suggested.

New research shows that what people think is sensitivity to gluten probably has nothing to do with gluten at all.

Instead the real culprit could be fructan, which is a type of carbohydrate that is found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. But is also in gluten free foods like agave, artichokes, asparagus, garlic, leeks, and onion.

Over six weeks researchers studied 59 people who weren't allergic to gluten but they ate gluten-free due to digestion sensitivity, giving them three different muesli bars: one containing gluten, one containing fructan and one with neither.

The results found that 24 people experienced the most discomfort from the fructan bar, 22 people experience the most discomfort from the placebo and 13 people experienced the most discomfort from the gluten bar.