YOUR SAY: Go girl! We can all drink from Cup of success

WHILE agreeing with Bill Hoffman and his article "Bumping up the GST will take Australia nowhere" (Daily, November 4), his last line asked how readers went in the Melbourne Cup.

The good news was that my husband, Ray, drew Prince of Penzance in the golf club sweep.

And for once in my life I was thrilled by the stunning victory of an outsider with a gutsy woman jockey.

Michelle Payne may not be aware that the colours of purple, green and white which she wore are of historical relevance to the women's movement.

However, her comments on winning certainly resonated with feminists everywhere.

Michelle had to fight for the right to ride her horse against the chauvinist racing culture.

She said: "It is hard but I'm sure there's so many aspects of life that women go through and I just hope it's a reminder that if you work hard and you dream, things can happen."

As the first woman jockey to ride a Cup winner in its 155-year history, she will be an inspiration to all Australians.