An image of the proposed unit and restaurant project planned for the corner of the Strand and Landsborough St in Townsville.
An image of the proposed unit and restaurant project planned for the corner of the Strand and Landsborough St in Townsville.

Grand plan aims to reinvigorate Townsville's Strand

A multimillion-dollar unit project with ground floor restaurant and bar has been proposed for Townsville's Strand.

A development application has been lodged by BNC Planning on behalf of an Ingham-based company called Warburton Investments Pty Ltd.

Warburton Investments is seeking approval to develop a 44-unit development over three lots at the corner of The Strand and Landsborough St, North Ward.

It would be Townsville's biggest unit project in more than a decade since the global financial crisis and then the mining downturn hit the property sector.

The application says the site's planning intent for high level use and a fundamental improvement in commercial confidence and investment have been catalysts for the project.

The premises is within the medium density residential zone and is split between The Strand precinct and North Ward villages precinct.

"The development intent is to enhance the Strand precinct as Townsville's and the region's pre-eminent residential and tourist destination, leveraging from the social and lifestyle infrastructure established along the Strand foreshore," the application says.

"The development will invigorate a relatively dormant yet extremely prominent Strand gateway by contributing to the diversity of residential and commercial uses and activities in the area."

Buildings of up to five levels are proposed for the Strand and up to eight levels for the lots on Landsborough St.

An apartment complex of nine two-bedroom, 24 three-bedroom, eight four-bedroom, one five-bedroom and two six-bedroom units is proposed.

A ground floor commercial space of about 500 sqm is to provide food and drink services with on-street dining.

A spokesman for Warburton Investments said the application reflected their confidence in Townsville and belief that North Ward in particular was a great place to invest.
'The Strand is in fact a world-class oceanfront promenade and 99 The Strand is the premier corner with the outlook to Magnetic Island," the spokesman said.

"The new stadium, lowest interest rates in history and the financial stimulus that will come out of China should set Townsville up for strong economic growth."

The application is expected to be assessed by Townsville City Council over the next few months.