BIG OPPORTUNITY: Cheneya Freese is the 2017 Miss Alpha Showgirl.
BIG OPPORTUNITY: Cheneya Freese is the 2017 Miss Alpha Showgirl. Contributed

Growing up with a love for local show

CHENEYA Freese has grown up with a love for her local show.

That love has seen her enter in the many categories, from showing cattle to photography, cooking and now the 2017 Miss Alpha Showgirl competition.

Cheneya was announced the winner at a high tea last month and said she was looking forward to the role and all the opportunities it would bring.

"The showgirl competition is so good for young women,” she said.

"It's definitely a competition where you can grow and meet a lot of people in your age group.

"It's also a very good opportunity to improve on my public speaking skills. I've had lots of opportunity of public speaking.

"I'll be at the Alpha Show from Monday to Wednesday, helping out with any aspects of the show and talking with lots of people and doing anything I can do around the show.”

The 20-year-old moved to the Central Queensland town with her partner late last year and has found Alpha to be very welcoming.

"I guess I am an Alpha local now. I've been in Alpha for the last six months,” she said.

"I moved here for work, I got a job that suited where I want to head in life.

"I was in Clermont before that which is not that far down the road.”

This isn't Cheneya's first time as a showgirl, having won the title previously in a different town.

"I got runner-up at the regional level so, after a bit of a break, I wanted to give it another go,” she said.

Cheneya will be representing Alpha at other Central Highlands shows later this month.

The Central Highlands Showgirl judging will be held in Alpha on June 17.

"It will be an exciting opportunity to show off my town,” Cheneya said.