GOOD SHOT: Cherie Reeves at the OSF Championships in Sydney last year.
GOOD SHOT: Cherie Reeves at the OSF Championships in Sydney last year.

Gunning for gold: Emerald woman in line for Olympics

SKEET shooter Cherie Reeves is not fazed by the possibility of competing at the Tokyo Olympic Games this year.

Instead, she is treating her qualifying tournaments as any other.

“One event at a time,” she said. “I just have to go down there and shoot the best I can.”

Next week, Ms Reeves will travel to Newcastle, NSW for the Commonwealth and National Championships, which will determine the country’s Olympic shooting team.

The competition consists of four events, two of which will be at Newcastle. The third will be in Melbourne next month, the fourth and final in Sydney in March.

“I really love doing it and my goals are a bit different in that I just want to do well in each event,” Ms Reeves said.

“I just have this idea. It’s an internal challenge.”

Growing up in Normanton and now living in Emerald, Ms Reeves has been shooting for about 29 years. She took a break for the birth of her son and, in the past few years, decided to ramp up the training.

“It’s been a long and drawn-out process,” she said. “But you always circle back to where you want to be.”

With two parent shooters, it is no surprise Ms Reeves has come so far.

“In the mid to late 90s they used to have quite a lot of programs for people to try out the Olympic discipline and make representative teams,” she said.

“And I’ve always had great support from my parents. I spent a lot of time going to shoots with them as a kid, and I just couldn’t wait until I was old enough.”

Ms Reeves wished to thank her friends Rowena Chalmers, Wayne McGhee and Tony Holmes for their continued support.

The Newcastle event will be at the Lake Macquarie Clay Target Club between January 13 and 18.

More than than 30 athletes will compete and the Australian Olympic shooting team will be announced in late March.