Claire Hooper is shocked by Sebastian’s comments.
Claire Hooper is shocked by Sebastian’s comments. Channel 7

Guy Sebastian makes epic fail on TV show Behave Yourself

GUY Sebastian is set to deliver a car-crash TV moment during a guest appearance on Channel Seven's Behave Yourself.

The comedy game show, airing tonight, tasked Sebastian and comedian Claire Hooper with a logo drawing competition - and all was going swimmingly … until the Toyota logo appeared.

"I'm an ambassador for Toyota," said Sebastian, grimacing, and unable to recall it. "This is terrible."

"Mate, this could cost you're a lot of money," warned host Darren McMullen, amused by the unfortunate coincidence.

Toyota ambassador Guy Sebastian draws the brand logo
Toyota ambassador Guy Sebastian draws the brand logo Channel 7

After an agonising minute, Sebastian revealed his wonky logo to the studio audience.

"That's the peace sign, Guy," said McMullen.

Although celebrities often enter ambassador relationships with brands, most are never asked to draw the company's logo on prime-time television.

But the embarrassment wasn't over yet.

Sebastian then stepped things up a notch, making a comparison between the figure he had drawn beside his logo - an attempt at depicting the 'jumping man' synonymous with Toyota advertisements - and a man defecating.

"It kinda looks like he's doing a dump," said Sebastian.

However, McMullen was impressed with Sebastian's pressure under fire.

"The Toyota logo was absolutely hilarious. Now, most people would be completely mortified in that situation that but I think he handled it like a pro," said McMullen.

Toyota has also backed its ambassador.

"Guy's inability to draw the Toyota logo will not, in any way, put his ambassadorship at risk," a spokesman said.

But the logo gaffe wasn't Sebastian's only jaw-dropping contribution.

Asked what music was more likely to increase a golfers' putting accuracy, Sebastian was given two options: hip hop (which was represented by a picture of Eminem) or jazz (represented by a picture of Bill Clinton playing the trumpet).

"Easy one for me," said Sebastian. "No one puts it in a hole better than Bill Clinton."

The lewd comment was met with laughter but McMullen warned there were other moments that would never see the light of day.

"You film for about three-and-a-half hours and a lot of it you don't end up seeing," he said.

"But once someone gets on a roll like Guy did with that Bill Clinton comment, then everybody just goes for it. It becomes my job to reign them in again, like a headmaster of naughty schoolchildren."

Behave Yourself airs 7.30pm Tuesday on Seven.