GETTING a ride back to their apartment from the Caloundra Music Festival with former mayor Bob Abbot was something The Beards band members Johann and John could only grow more used to.

As a folk-rock band that exclusively sings songs about beards, meeting the bearded former mayor was among one of the highlights of their Sunshine Coast visit.

Starting out in 2005, The Beards' unique concept of singing about facial hair has proved to be a recipe for success.

Their fan base has been growing with great lustre just like their beards as they tour Australia, with the Sunshine Coast being no exception.

Performing yesterday at the Caloundra Music Festival, vocalist and drummer John Beardman said the Coast was becoming one of their favourite destinations to perform.

"Two years ago we played at Kings Beach Tavern when we were starting out," he said.

"We always enjoy coming up here. I'm sure it will be called the Beardshine Coast soon."

The Adelaide-based band's ride home with Mr Abbot on Saturday night to their Caloundra apartment was just one of their favourite bearded moments in the region.

"He was just waiting for us outside," John said.

"If we had it our own way, we'd play to people only with beards."

The Beards will continue to tour Queensland over coming months, with their next visit to the Sunshine Coast expected in April.

Before going on stage at the festival yesterday, they had already booked to perform for all of their hairy fans at the event next year.,152.71/11