THE Prime Minister has held a meeting with Pauline Hanson and the newly elected Senator says Malcolm Turnbull was very gracious - even extending the help of his ministers' offices to ensure she has the right information. 

The meeting took place on Monday night and the next morning Ms Hanson posted a Facebook video telling her supporters what was discussed, 

"He asked for it and I attended," she said. 

"And he was very gracious and opened with congratulations on my win - which I appreciated.

"You're probably wondering did I say to him, well, you're the man who said I wasn't welcome there - the answer is no.

"What it all came down to was I did most of the talking and I raised the issues with him."

She then said she raised a motor-sport precinct at Townsville, family law court reform,dredging in Cairns for "ships to come in, tourism, creating jobs," and her apprenticeship scheme to address youth unemployment.   

The Prime Minister's office has been asked if it is contemplating any of the policies, projects or reforms Ms Hanson mentioned.