COREY Neill loves bull riding so much even broken bones in his face couldn't make him leave the Miriam Vale rodeo.

But two hours after he got back home he started having trouble breathing and swallowing; deciding a trip to the Gladstone hospital was "probably a good idea".

At the hospital he found out he had broken both sides of his jaw during a nasty incident in the rodeo ring.

The 16-year-old cowboy said after falling to one side he had throw himself up to land in the middle and ended up headbutting the bull.

"I remember it, I wasn't scared I was just trying to focus on getting out of there away from the bull," he said.

"Out of the ring, I didn't even think it was broken, it didn't hurt as much as it did two hours later."

He was flown to Brisbane where he had surgery to screw plates to his jaw; the Bororen resident won't be able to get back on a bull for three months.

"As soon as I can, I'll be back on the bull and doing what I love," he said.

"You get hooked, once you start in the ring you can't stop, even after this I'll still give it 110% ... All part of the game is taking the pain.

"The trick is to not think about falling or getting hurt because as soon as you do, it will happen."

Corey said while he can't ride over the next three months, he will work on his fitness and stamina.

"Fitness is really important in the ring, you have to be fast and be able to hold on for long periods of time with your body and mostly your legs," he said.