OPINION: Being optimistic increases your life by nine years

DOES optimism or thinking positively affect your health?

Is it possible that you will live nine years longer if you are optimistic?

Do more strokes, heart attacks, cancers, infections and mental illnesses occur if you are grumpy?

YES to all of the above!

More recent studies now even show that doing things that are selfishly indulgent (hedonistic) make you unwell and doing things that are good for others (Eudaimonic) improves your health.

They have even found that this Eudaimonic joy changes your gene expression, reduces the chemicals that cause all the bad stuff to occur from blocked arteries, cancers and even the common colds.

Of course, I have said before that being optimistic increases your life by nine years while smoking only reduces your life by seven years - amazing! The evidence is overwhelming to prove that positivity is more effective than any drugs in increasing your life in both quality and quantity!

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So how can you be positive? You first need to recognise and eliminate your negative impulsive thoughts (NITs) and change them into positive affirmative thoughts (PATs).

This is all wonderfully explained in a great book called Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts* . It has strategies that will change your life, your family's life, your workplace and your performance…. When you start living life positively, the ripples spread to affect everyone around you and how great would it be to have a positive supportive, loving family, friends, workplace, community and eventually the whole world.

So now back to YOU - for the next 24 hours, just listen and observe how often your brain is creating negative thoughts (NITs) that you have been listening to all your life!

Once you know that they are there, you will realise that you have to get them under control to protect your happiness and your health.

The solution is there for you - only if you want it… Your life, your decision - get the book and change your thinking.

* Acknowledgement of vested interest - I am the author of the book with my wife, Elizabeth.