SOUND OF COMFORT: The residents and staff of Woodbine Lodge and the volunteer choir.
SOUND OF COMFORT: The residents and staff of Woodbine Lodge and the volunteer choir. Jessica Dorey

Heavenly chorus spreads cheer

WALKING into Springsure Hospital on a Friday morning, you will notice something a little different.

Voices of locals fill the halls with their joyous chorus as they volunteer their time to sing for residents of Woodbine Lodge nursing home.

The group started five years ago when piano player Fay Howard's husband was battling dementia.

"A lady called Francis would come and play piano for him, and he loved to sing along,” Mrs Howard said.

Although Mr Howard and Francis have passed away, Mrs Howard, along with everyone at Springsure Hospital, knew it was a great initiative to keep going.

Today, a group of 10 visits Springsure Hospital every Friday to sing to residents.

"I'm a bit of a nervous pianist,” Mrs Howard said.

"But I get so much joy out of the residents' enjoyment.”

Recreational and diversional therapist Kevin Smith said the singing was a unique way to stimulate the residents' minds.

"It's fantastic that people come in from the community and give the residents something different - it shows people care about them,” he said.

"The volunteers sing a variety of songs, with some of the residents' favourites so they can sing along.”

Director of nursing Joy Jung said the singing was fabulous.

"The hospital really appreciates the community visiting. It brings the residents a lift at times where they could otherwise be a bit down. We encourage any other community groups who would like to volunteer their time to approach us and have a chat,” she said.

The singers visit Woodbine Lodge every Friday from 10-11am.