OPINION: Stopping domestic violence should be normal

EDITORIAL: Our thoughts, sympathies and prayers are with the family and friends of Norman Olsen.

Mr Olsen was the 65-year-old man who stopped to help a woman who was being assaulted in Bridge St on Monday afternoon.

In the course of his intervention he was knocked to the ground, sustaining injuries which ultimately led to his death.

It is a tragic end to a heroic act by the elderly man.

It is part of the Australian way of life to come to the defence of those who need our help - particularly women and the aged.

Mr Olsen's actions were of the highest order.

The price he paid was enormous.

His death, as sad as it is, will also provide hope for others as he is an organ donor.

Let us hope that his tragic death does not deter the rest of us from helping others.

As Aussies we place great pride in helping the weak, the defenceless and those who need a hand up.

Let us all use Mr Olsen's example as the benchmark for the appropriate action we must take to help those who need it.