INTRUDER: Dylan Kassulke leaves Ipswich Courthouse after magistrate slams his mates as
INTRUDER: Dylan Kassulke leaves Ipswich Courthouse after magistrate slams his mates as "gang of idiots'.

‘He’s got my nuts’: Home invader gets big squeeze

AN INTRUDER fled from a house with bruised and sore testes after a resident grabbed, squeezed and twisted his manhood when he and five mates dropped in causing violent mayhem.

"He has got my nuts. He has got my nuts," the unwanted intruder cried out in pain - the written facts put before Ipswich magistrate Brian Kucks.

The facts caused magistrate Mr Kucks to call the six intruders "a gang of idiots" looking for a fight when one of the lads Dylan Kassulke went before the court on a series of charges - including ripping off a taxi driver by not paying a $140 fare.

Dylan James Kassulke, 21, from Flagstone Creek, pleaded guilty to unlawful assault doing bodily harm in company to Peter Lehmann at Laidley on February 23; unlawfully assaulting Brian Ranse; unlawfully assaulting Matthew Ranse; obstructing a police officer on March 11; and evading a taxi fare ($140 - Gatton Taxis) in Raceview at 3.40am on February 11.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said Kassulke made a phone booking in Laidley to catch the Gatton Taxi giving the Raceview Hotel as the destination. But at 3.40am, Kassulke ran off outside a 7-Eleven store, owing $140 for the fare.

On April 1, he admitted the offence to Toowoomba police, saying he was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Sen-Const Shelton said Kassulke had a prior offence of assault done in December last year. He was fined with no conviction recorded.

Sen-Const Shelton said Kassulke was part of a lynch mob - a group of six males with premeditated behaviour to assault a male at the Laidley house where the man Brian Ranse told them they were not welcome and to leave.

Defence lawyer Nathan Bouchier said Kassulke was a young man with some difficulties at the start of his life.

Mr Bouchier said Kassulke pleaded guilty to the more serious offence (assault doing bodily harm) simply in being a party to it. He was not one of the three males directly involved in physical assaults.

Mr Bouchier said there was a previous incident involving Matthew Ranse and when they went to the house a resident took exception and it turned into a melee.

Mr Kucks said it was quite clear from the facts before him that Kassulke and other males went to the house with the intention to have some sort of fight.

INTRUDER: Dylan Kassulke leaves Ipswich Courthouse after magistrate slams his mates as
INTRUDER: Dylan Kassulke leaves Ipswich Courthouse after magistrate slams his mates as "gang of idiots'.

And they were confronted by Brian Ranse saying they were not welcome and to leave.

"You didn't. You had no lawful right to be there on those premises," Mr Kucks said.

Kassulke was sentenced to a two-year probation order - and warned to have his bag and toothbrush packed if he reoffends. With just fragmented limited facts revealed in the open court, the Queensland Times made application to buy the agreed facts on record to find out what occurred.

In other states, journalists can check such facts for free - recognised as important to help ensure accuracy in court reporting.

But in Queensland the Government requires a written application to be made and $15.65 paid simply to read the agreed facts.

It took place at 7.20pm when Kassulke and his associates went to the Laidley house. Father Brian Ranse told them to leave and to not come back.

When one of the males said they were going to be back, Mr Ranse walked them down the stairs.

One male pushed him with two hands and a male "with a goatee" punched him on the chin. Mr Ranse punched one male in the head then punched the male with the goatee twice in the head and in the stomach in an attempt to defend himself.

In an altercation, Mr Lehmann was pushed back off his feet and fell on to a concrete bird feeder stand.

Three males were on top of Mr Lehmann (not Kassulke) - one was punching him with the two other males kicking him on both sides of his ribs.

Mr Lehmann grabbed one of the male's testicles, squeezed and twisted, causing the male to yell "He has got my nuts. He has got my nuts".

Kassulke and Mr Ranse had each other by the throat when Matthew Ranse told Kassulke to let his father)go. Two of the males shook the hand of Mr Ranse senior, one saying "you go all right for an old fellow".

Kassulke took off his shirt and punched Matthew Ranse in his face. The six males ran for a car, one yelling" "I am coming back to get you lot. We are coming back with more people".