Mum abused neighbours after son said they sold him drugs

AFTER being told her neighbours had supplied her son with marijuana, Mackay resident Sharon May Hankinson went next door to give them a piece of her mind.

Ms Hankinson screamed profanities and ended up with charges of public nuisance and obstructing a police officer in performance of duties.

In Mackay Magistrates Court this week, Hankinson's public nuisance charge was dropped but she was sentenced with no conviction recorded and fined $200 for the latter charge.

Prosecutor Michael Ball told the court that on September 19, Hankinson had gone to her neighbours' house and screamed profanities.

He said police then attended the neighbours' house.

"Police observed that she was in an agitated state and heavily under the influence of liquor, she was slurring her words and had a strong smell of liquor on her breath," he said.

Later, Mr Ball said, police began to walk away when they heard the defendant yelling profanities at the police and next door neighbours.

He said police returned and the defendant "became aggressive".

"Police went to arrest the defendant, she ran away from police and went behind her husband, hid behind her husband," Mr Ball said.

Defence lawyer Kayven McGrath told the court that Hankinson had been at a going away party and consumed alcohol on the date of the offence.

She said she came home to find her son acting strangely.

"He indicated to her, after being questioned, that he had smoked marijuana and it had been provided to him by the neighbours," she said.

Magistrate Scott Luxton said Hankinson's behaviour appeared to be out of character, as she had no previous history recorded.

"One can understand your concern for your son, but you understand that the course of action… is not a standard that a reasonable member of the community would hold to," he said.

The defendant

Name: Sharon May Hankinson

Age: 44

Sentence: $200 fine and no conviction recorded for obstructing a police officer in performance of duties.