Paul Phua is one of Asia's biggest unregulated bookmakers.
Paul Phua is one of Asia's biggest unregulated bookmakers.

High-roller bookie suspected of match fixing

One of Asia's biggest unregulated bookmakers - an alleged organised crime figure with links to Australia - has been identified by state and federal law enforcement as a potential threat to the integrity of sport across the country.

Wei Seng "Paul" Phua, a Malaysian high-roller behind one of the world's largest unregulated sports betting websites, has also surfaced as a highly-valued client of Crown Casino in Melbourne.

A Four Corners investigation has confirmed that despite his well known criminal associations, Crown Casino even flew Mr Phua into Melbourne three weeks ago on board one of its corporate jets.

These bookmakers - whose companies are registered in jurisdictions like Manila, Curacao and the Isle of Man - have found large black markets across Asia where sports betting is wildly popular but often illegal.

It is estimated more than two-thirds of all money bet on sport worldwide is bet with these unregulated operators.

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