'The Hoff' ready for fans and 'adventure' at Supanova

David Hasselhoff will appear at the 2013 Supanova Pop Culture Expo.
David Hasselhoff will appear at the 2013 Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Jonas Mohr - Contributed by Lionnel Midford Publicity

BAYWATCH star David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff will help out his favourite Aussie band The Angels when he is in the country for Supanova later this month.

The actor said he planned to appear at the Rock for Doc benefit concert in support of cancer-stricken lead singer Doc Neeson.

He recalls meeting the band back in its, and his, heyday at a show at Lizottes in Dee Why.

"I remember them singing Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again," he said.

"All the guys (in the band) were enamoured because it was the Knight Rider looked like he'd jumped right out of the set, and I was enamoured because that's the music I like. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy."

The Hoff is a regular visitor to our shores, coming Down Under the past three years in a row.

"I have friends down there who go 'we love you but we don't want to see you that much'," he laughed.

"If I could live anywhere in the world I would live there."

As the star of hit '80s TV series Knight Rider and '90s series Baywatch, Hasselhoff has ridden the highs and lows of the showbiz rollercoaster.

With his Killing Hasselhoff documentary to screen at Cannes next month, the rights to a Knight Rider film acquired by the Weinstein Company and the team behind Reno 911 rumoured to be working on a Baywatch spoof, the 60-year-old said he has learned to "go with the flow".

"We sold the rights of Baywatch to DreamWorks about eight years ago. Getting a movie made in Hollywood is like watching the grass grow," he said.

"In life what I've found is you just have to kind of go with the flow.

"I just keep moving forward whether it's with Killing Hasselhoff or Baywatch the Musical or a crazy commercial or meeting and greeting fans at Supanova…. I look at it as an adventure."

He invites fans to "come party Hoff style" with him at the pop culture expo on the Gold Coast.

"Supanova is something I never thought I would do, and then I went down there and found out that I enjoyed it," he said.

"I enjoy getting to meet people who tell me great things. They're either some sort of Baywatch or Knight Rider fan or David Hasselhoff has in some way affected them. Even if I made them laugh then that's ok."

He doesn't even mind if you sell his autograph online.

"I see the stuff I sign on eBay the next day. I laugh about it," he said.

"The guy waited in line. If he wants to sell the thing it's his prerogative."

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo plays the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre April 19-21.