RACE DAY: Sarah and Liam Griffiths entered their dogs Frankie and Ludo in the dachshund race.
RACE DAY: Sarah and Liam Griffiths entered their dogs Frankie and Ludo in the dachshund race. Jessica Dorey

Hounds dash to finish

IT WAS on for long and short at Middlemount Race Day.

In the sixth annual dachshund race, adorable dogs clothed in gorgeous costumes took to the track to raise money for RACQ Capricorn Rescue Helicopter Service.

It was difficult to pick a wiener, with a field full of veterans and newcomers alike. But it was established racer Herbie that managed to stretch in front of the rest to take home the win.

His owner, co-creator of the event Tanya Miller, said this year $4000 was raised from the race.

"It started because myself, my husband, Dan, and Richard Turnball all have dachshunds and we noticed there were a lot of them in town as well,” she said.

"We thought, why not trial a dachshund race.”

FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS: Tanya Miller, one of the co-creators of the event. Jessica Dorey

Each year there are two heats before the fastest competitors make their way to the final.

The finalists are auctioned off, with 30% of the overall money donated back to RACQ Rescue Helicopter.

Depending on the dog and the day, the racers can reach auction prices of anywhere between $200 and $1100.

This auction and community effort has helped to raise nearly $20,000 for the charity since the event's inception.

"It is our lifeline in the event of an emergency,” Mrs Miller said about the charity.

"It's one of those things, that living out here we don't really get the opportunity to give back and this is one way we can.”

This year the first, second and third-placed dachshund owners donated their winnings back to the charity.

MIDDLEMOUNT RACES: Dachshund races.
LOW-TUM DASH: It was difficult to pick a wiener. Jessica Dorey

Mrs Miller said there wasn't an exact strategy to winning the race, it depended on the dog and the day.

"Some people have treats or squeaky toys at the end of the track, everyone has a different strategy,” she said.

It's a unique way to end a race day that the "community really gets behind”.

"It melts my heart,” Mrs Miller said.

"Even a few weeks prior people ask about the race. I absolutely love being involved.”

The event is the paw-fect combination of family fun, excitement and community spirit.

MIDDLEMOUNT RACES: Billie Cannard and Jimmy.
DRESSED FOR SUCCESS: Billie Cannard with dog Jimmy. Jessica Dorey