Hoverboard: Real or fake?

Hoverboard video fails to convince the masses

A VIDEO starring Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd and skateboarder Tony Hawk that purports to show a demonstration of a real-life hover-board has failed to convince the majority of internet users.

The highest-ranked comment on the YouTube video, despite its poor grammar, sums up the general consensus: "It fake."

Other YouTube users, such as Twiblik, prefer to employ a little deadpan sarcasm: "Wow! Their shoulders become so much bigger as they get on the board! That is so weird!"

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In a couple of days the video has drummed up nearly two million views.

If it is a marketing stunt, it is not obvious what the video is promoting.

Interestingly the video, uploaded by HUVrTech - an account with only two videos - is titled Belief.