How many dates before sex? Almost half say three or less

ALMOST half of dating Australians are prepared to have sex "on or before the third date", with 48% describing it as the ideal time to consider hopping into bed.

Dating website RSVP released the findings, compiled by Nielsen data boffins, as part of its Date of the Nation report.

According to RSVP, just one in 10 admit they would jump between the sheets on the first date, while 16% - roughly one in six - say they could be convinced on a second date.

Psychologist John Aiken said it was interesting to learn so many Aussies were prepared to have sex so early while dating.

"It's important to be fairly clear how you feel about someone before having sex with them," Mr Aiken said.

"Although it may seem like a great idea at the time, having sex before you know if you are really keen on someone can cloud your judgment."

The results come from a February survey of 3500 people, with results weighted to the population.

When is the right time to consider having sex?

This poll ended on 23 August 2013.

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