How readers said $1000 would brighten their Christmas

WE asked you what you'd do with an extra $1000 to spend on Christmas this year and, well, you certainly had some great ideas!

From all across the APN newspapers in QLD and NSW, you gave us a picture of the wonderful Christmas spirit you would spread in so many different ways.

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Some of you have been doing it really tough this year, and your stories remind us all about the Christmas spirit:

Amy Ferguson My kids and food. My partners hours at work have recently been cut in half so have not been able to afford christmas presents or food for christmas.

Kyah Turner Id send my partner down to Melbourne so he could visit his dad and show him his progress in his recovery. As many know ice IS taking toll on so many peoples lifes and my partner was one and alcohol was one huge factor also.
id love for his family to see the awesome recovery he has made and to be able to love there drug and alcohol free son smile emoticon would be the greatest gift of all

Michele Graham I'm too sick to go, but I'd love to send husband away with my grown up kids on their holiday. He's had 1 week away in about 10 years & can only get away between Xmas & New Year.

Julie Tumbers I would spend it on my famiily , my 28 year old son has just come through chemo for hodgkins lymphoma, which not only turned his world upside dowm but ours as well, and he hasnt been able to see his precious 5 year old son for awhile , he lives in mt isa, so i would bring my grandson home for a visit over christmas , that would be so awesosme for all of us

Jessica Watts I would spend it on see my grandparents. Finding out my pop isnt well makes me want to spend every cent on that but having two children i need to get them something for xmas. All i want for xmas is to see and spoil my pop n nan to make up for all the years they did so for me smile emoticon

Dozer N Summer Black We would spend it on a holiday at christmas time with our granddaughter because she has had type 1 diabetes since she was two years old and never been on a holiday so it would just put a little high lite in her hard and trying life.

Amanda Zamper I'd use it to buy our families gifts as we have had to unfortunately call off Christmas this year due to the crazy amount of bills we currently have!

Mel Greenwood I'd fly my family down to my NSW hometown to visit my mum (kids grandma) for a surprise xmas. She hasnt seen them altogether since 2007 due to illness. Xmas is about spending time with those you love and who mean the world to you smile emoticon


Some of you had great ideas for giving to those in need:

Sharon Pratten I would donate some cash or goods to local charities Food for Farmers Christmas Appeal and the Human Kindness Connection and with what is left over I would take my husband and children (+ partners) out for a dinner at a lovely local restaurant because this Christmas is the first time we will be all together in 18 months.

Karen Clark I've entered for my mum she doesn't know I've done it, but this would be a great surprise for her to help at Christmas

Belinda Sullivan I would spend $500 on my family that have had a tough year and if I was given the chance I would donate the rest to a worthy charity that needs it most.

Samantha Hitchcock I'd let my kids pick a gift each for their brother and put it under the Kmart wishing tree for kids who need it (their brother is in heaven) I'd probably spend the rest buying gifts for a family that need help this year. I'd love to sponsor a family and make their Christmas something to remember....

Toni Stapleton I would give it to Vinnies to help families who can't afford a nice Christmas lunch or presents for their kids.