NO ENTRY: One of the signs that illegal campers are ignoring at Norval Park.
NO ENTRY: One of the signs that illegal campers are ignoring at Norval Park. Mike Knott BUN030117NORVAL8

Illegal campers defy ban and return to private property

COMMITTED campers intent on beachfront views are continuing to ignore private property signage and pitch their tents and caravans behind the sand dunes at Norval Beach Park.

Illegal camping on the land, owned by Bundaberg Sugar, came to ahead in March last year after the company took measures to evict illegal campers and swatters following a number of complaints.

At the time Bundaberg Sugar's general manager of farms, Simon Doyle, said some campers had even set up permanent sites but the use of the area was causing headaches for Bundaberg Sugar, especially during the holiday period when more than 100 people were accessing the property.

"Rubbish is left behind, cattle fences are destroyed and in addition it is causing a nuisance to nearby property owners," he said in March.

"As a corporate entity our company has certain regulatory obligations in relation to the proper and appropriate use and occupation of our land."


Stormy weather approaching Norval Park Beach.
BEACHFRONT: Illegal campers are still using Norval Park Beach. Mike Knott BUN030117NORVAL6

To combat the issue Bundaberg Sugar gave campers a week's notice to leave and closed off the entry by placing large rocks along the access road.

Mr Doyle instead urged campers to use the authorised camping area nearby, which is run and maintained by Bundaberg Regional Council.

However it appears some campers are now driving south along the beach and accessing the Bundaberg Sugar land by going over the top of the sand dunes.

According to the sole couple still camped in the council-run campground at Norval Park Beach yesterday, about 20 campers were given their marching orders on Thursday and left where they had been illegally camped at the southern end of the beach.


GREAT LOCATION: Angee and Wayne Robinson enjoyed their stay at Norval Park.
'BEAUTIFUL': Dayboro couple Angee and Wayne Robinson are staying at Bundaberg Regional Council's nearby campground. Mike Knott BUN030117NORVAL13

Dayboro couple Angee and Wayne Robinson said they were away from the campsite when someone came through and spoke to those camping illegally, but shortly after they watched the procession of four-wheel-drives leave.

"They all drove up the beach, put their rubbish in the bins on the way out and left," Angee said.

"We've been here since last Tuesday and we'd watched them come in and out along the beach for a couple of days."

The couple said it was their first time visiting Norval Park Beach and they thought the council camping area was a "beautiful" spot, which also allowed them to take their dog, Buddy.

"It was pretty full when we arrived, but there was still a spot left," Angee said.