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Illegal guns, drugs netted in police sting

A POLICE operation in the week leading up to the Capella Rodeo resulted in the seizure of illegal firearms and more than 30charges laid for drug and traffic offences.

Tieri, Anakie, Brisbane and Rockhampton police, with local officers and a drug detection dog, executed search warrants on properties in Capella and Anakie.

Twelve people were charged with offences after information suggesting a prolific drug supply between the two towns.

During the rodeo weekend, police conducted more than 600 breath tests and 140drug tests, with several people testing positive for both drink and drug driving and up to 11 infringements issued for speed and other traffic offences.

Capella station officer in charge Senior Constable Andrew Finall thanked the Capella Rodeo Committee for its assistance and acknowledged there were no issues at the actual rodeo or evidence any offences were linked to the event.

"There is a worrying trend though in relation to the quantity of drugs and illegal firearms located within the community,” he said.

"It appears people still do not understand the danger of illicit drugs and what they can do to an individual, their family and the community.

"It is also worrying to understand why people continue to think it's OK to have a firearm or any kind of illegal weapon in their possession that can cause harm to themselves and to people around them.”

Local residents are urged to contact local police or Crime Stoppers with any information they have relating to illegal drugs or weapons.