Ipswich fraudster racked up one whopper of a bill

MATTHEW Hansen's spending spree was the stuff of fantasy.

Using someone else's credit card, he looked after power bills, watched Foxtel, and binged on fast food.

An Ipswich courtroom has heard Hansen racked up a debt of more than $2500 as a result of 63 fraudulent transactions committed late last year.

Matthew Lee Hansen, 33, pleaded guilty to 29 fraud offences; attempting fraud; receiving tainted property; and possession of a dangerous drug at Ipswich Magistrates Court this week.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Hansen found or received a stolen credit card in early November and used it 63 times in fraudulent transactions with a "significant loss of $2678.35".

In police evidence put forward by prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo, the card was used to pay for telephone credit, fast food including KFC and McDonald's, alcohol, $166 in groceries from Super IGA at Lowood, $170 to Origin Energy, and in payments to Foxtel and Netflix.

"It was a significant episode of dishonesty," Ms Sturgess said.

And when arrested by police, Hansen had a small amount of white crystal, telling the officers that it was the drug ice.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess noted that Hansen had been returned to jail after one month of freedom before re-offending.

He had been released to parole after a previous conviction for stealing and burglary offences but then breached this.

Offences Hansen committed in May and September 2017 were dealt with by a court in November.

While acknowledging that he had been up-front in usually admitting his offences to police when caught, Ms Sturgess said it was another thing to go on a spending spree of this magnitude with a stolen credit card.

She said Hansen had previously been sentenced to jail terms, the magistrate warning him that his future would consist of longer and longer periods of imprisonment, unless he stopped offending.

"Mr Hansen, the benefit of parole was lost on you. Within a month you were out stealing, using drugs" she said.

"You've got a sad life ahead of you. You're not a baby, (but) a man of some maturity.

"You have not taken advantage of the opportunities (given by the court)."

Ms Sturgess said Hansen's offending began in 2012 and had escalated.

He was sentenced to six months' jail for the frauds and receiving offences, and to lesser jail terms - to be served concurrently.

A sentence he is already serving does not expire until July, and Ms Sturgess set February 28 as the date he can make application for parole - a process that can take months.

He was ordered to pay $2678.35 restitution to the Heritage Bank.