Neal Patel

Jail term sought for Bali drug boy

THE Australian teenager arrested in Bali for possession of cannabis could spend Christmas in Indonesian detention after prosecutors demanded he serve a three-month custodial term.

The sentence request, an instruction from the Attorney-General's department in Jakata, is a blow to the 14-year-old and his counsel, who had been optimistic the boy would be released immediately after his trial.

Judge Amser Simanjuntak confirmed the sentence demand to Fairfax Media and said he would deliver his verdict on November 25.

Under Indonesian law, Judge Simanjuntak has the power to waive any custodial sentence for a juvenile no matter what the offence.

But he can also impose a sentence higher than requested by prosecutors. Either way, the boy will remain in detention when Prime Minister Julia Gillard visits Bali for the East Asia summit next week.

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